From Design
To Maintenance

Measurement and Control Systems

Systémy měření a regulace od domovních kotelen, vzduchotechniky či chlazení po složité energetické projekty

Service and Monitoring Services

Nabízíme také navazující servisní a dohledové služby včetně připojení již technologických celků do našeho online dispečinku

Custom Development

Software i hardware jsme schopni vyvinou přímo na míru a pro potřeby konkrétního zákazníka a jeho stávající technologii

System Integration

Integrujeme data z různých zařízení a systémů a budujeme rozsáhlé informační a ovládací dispečnky

Measurement and Control Systems

We realize measurement and regulation systems in wide range. We offer solutions from building boiler rooms to complex projects.

Service and Monitoring Services

We offer maintenance and supervisor services including connecting current technologies into our online control centre.

Custom Development

We are able to design both software and hardware to suit the needs of our concrete customer.

System Integration

We integrate data from various devices and systems which we build dispatcher workplaces from.

Měření a regulace

Measurement and Control Systems

Our company realizes measurement and control systems in wide range. We offer solutions from building boiler rooms to complex projects 

We focus on these areas:

  • heating – gas boiler rooms, exchangers, combined production of heat and electricity, heat pumps;
  • ventilation system – office buildings, ventilation technology, clean premises primarily for pharmacy and healthcare;
  • cooling – cooling of production lines, heat pumps;
  • energetics – remote collection of data from sensors for LDS, measuring consumption in apartment constructions or in industry.

We provide complete or partial delivery of these services:

  • consultation and design of control system;
  • creation of project documentation;
  • construction and installation;
  • programming PLC;
  • recovery of technology including functional tests;
  • complex tests and trial operation with online monitoring and evaluation;
  • operating technology and service using online control center.
We create application software by the standard IEC61131-3 and we specialize in following control system manufacturers:
  • Wago
  • Beckhoff
  • Domat Control System
  • Saia
  • Siemens
We also offer design activity in contruction for low current field – measurements and control systems in all levels of project documentation.
Within delivery and operation we offer revisions of eletrical devices. We revise all electrical instalations up to 1000V without danger of an explosion.
We do revisions:
  • default revision when the device is first put into operation or after complete reconstruction;
  • regular revision of devices already operating in regular intervals;
  • extraordinary revision after adjustment or repair of wiring.
Servis a dohled

Service and Monitoring

Within control systems realization we offer subsequent service and supervision. Thanks to system integration and our own development we are able to offer connecting existing technologies to our control center. It is possible to transmit data using secured redundant VPN. System enables definition of various user level of accessing data. Data can be made accesible via standard communication interface or by specially developed interfaces.

Goal of these services is:

  • online collection of data from technologies;
  • storing histories;
  • analyzing behavior of technology;
  • preventing emergency states of technology;
  • planning and optimalization of periodical maintenance;
  • flexible reaction to emergency states;
  • maximal efficiency in managing technology;
  • continually raising efficiency of control algorithms;
  • consulatations and design of modernizations.

Within the service and supervision we offer:

  • warranty and post-warranty service of mesasurment and regulation;
  • guaranteed response time of service action;
  • hotline including consultations;
  • connection of technology to online control center;
  • an option of integrating and connection arbitrary technological units;
  • analitics based on the measured data;
  • reports for customers to fit their needs;
  • sending alerts via SMS or email.

Custom Developement

Development of software and hardware in our company came to be based on the needs to integrate third party systems. Over the time came the need for monitoring of inside environment and data collection from environment sensors. Thanks to that we are nowadays able to design tailored solutions of data collection with the help of our hardware and software, alternatively we offer development based on customer request.

Next neccessity was realizing encrypted, backed up communication for transmitting measured data from sensor to data storage. For this purpose we used solution from MikroTik company which we used to realize redundant VPN.

We are holders of these certifications:

  • MTCSE – MikroTik Certified Security Engineer;
  • MTCTCE – MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer.

Offered services within depelopment:

  • custom hardware development (STM32, AVR);
  • custom software development (C#, C/C++, Pyton, SQL);
  • implementation of custom communication protocols;
  • integration of secured data trasmission;
  • custom redundant VPN solution;
  • developing hardware and software for datacollection over SDI12 bus;
  • development of wireless sensor on the IQRF platform.
Systémová integrace

System Integration

We integrate data from various devices when building vast control centers.

We have experience with solving these tasks:

  • reading data from IOT sensors using the MQTT protocol;
  • communication with PLC using standart protocols ModBus, BACNet, OPC;
  • retrieving data from third party systems SQL, SOAP, REST;
  • exporting data like CSV, XML, XLSX document;
  • making data accesible using REST API;
  • storing data to relational databases PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MariaDb, MySQL;
  • storing data to time-series databases Mervis DB, InfluxDb;
  • visualization of data using HMI and SCADA programs Weintek, Grafana, Mervis, Relience.

We are not afraid of more challanges, we offer consultations and composure of tailored customer solutions.

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